Installing on Windows Vista or Windows 7
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Note for computer users at work: You need administrator privileges to install the software. If you are installing the software on an office computer set up by another member of staff, you may not have administrator priveleges and we suggest you ask your IT support staff to advise you on the installation procedure.


Installation on Windows Vista or Windows 7 is different from installing on older versions of Windows, due to extra security features. However if you follow the instructions below carefully you will find the installation to be easy:.


  1. You need to know the drive and folder where you copied the VersionSaver.msi installation file to.
  2. Click the mouse on the "Start" button at the bottom left of the desktop



  1. Click on "Computer"




  1. Navigate to the drive and folder to which you downloaded the "Version Saver Installer" from the Version Saver web site.



  1. Right-click the mouse on the name "Version Saver Installer" A pop up menu will appear:





  1. Click the left hand mouse button on the option that says "Run as Administrator". The installation process will now start.


Go to "Installation Screens" to carry on with the installation instructions.