Find backed up file versions
 Request restoration of a file
Adding Registered Extensions
Advanced File Restore
After Installation
An Introduction to Version Saver
Changing the Backup Directory
Changing the Configuration
Configuration Files
Day to Day Running
Dealing with Pop-up Messages
Disc Space
Editing File Extension Lists
File Extensions
File Naming Conventions
Getting Reports
Getting Support
How Version Saver works
Included Drives / Excluded Directories
Installation Screens
Installing on older versions of Windows (NOT Windows Vista or Windows 7)
Installing on Windows Vista or Windows 7
Introduction for Advanced Users
License Key
Restore Wizard - Page 1
Restore Wizard - Page 2 (Known file location)
Restore Wizard - Page 2 (Unknown file location)
Restore Wizard - Page 3
Restore Wizard - Page 4
Restore Wizard - Page 5
Running Setup Tasks
Select and View a Saved Version
Setting up a file differences viewer
Showing the Restore Files dialog
Starting the Restore Wizard
Stopping and Starting the Version Saver service
The Setup Wizard
Uninstalling Version Saver
User Skill
Version Saver Features
Version Saver Good Practice
Where File Versions Are Saved To
Wizard Page 2
Wizard Page 3
Wizard Page 4
Wizard Page 5
Wizard Page 6
Wizard Page 7